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by Snortrax

Do Better 00:49
Take take take all you fucking can To be the "better man" You need the the better man in your hand I'll meet you on the moon The fucking promised land I'll cut your fucking throat because you spilled our blood to take command How fucking dare you Stamp your feet special needy baby You snowflake just shut up you're greedy and weak And obsolete.
Hey Alexa 00:51
Composed and produced by Snortrax art by mxryguy production by Jaime Wosk I think that this is all a test I think that we are going to lose I think you think that you're the best But I will challenge that to death Im pissed off r u pissed off ;) im pissed off r u pissed off???
D.I.Y 00:52
Free Force 01:12
They say "I've got you" Really I've got me That's really as strong as I Can ever really hope to be My hand in my hand These plans are my plans No course is discourse When the coast is clear I'm a free force
it's not a surprise That you're here tonight When I look in your eyes It's intentional-tentional You're not the only one Who knows how to dance We go a little fast I ruin all your plans Cold and Hot I'll say what you're not And you bite back though too If I were you I wouldnt Be so cruel Wet and dry I'm so fucking high On charm and stumbling too But I'm not you And you are Just so cruel I curse till sunrise Reflecting in my hands I swear to god It's all Intentional-tentional We know it won't work But we are just so close As humans go We are Sen*sation*al
Moral codes Can be...Adjusted The heirarchy Means I shouldn't be trusted Nothing's more satisfying Than a screaming match where neither of us win I guess that's true love You're here just for me And I'm so far above you It get's tiring Knowing what everybody's thinking Aways two steps ahead But then you caught me Red handed
Knuckles cracked I like you better when your Jaw turns black An even score I know it well You're passed your limits and You've shown your tell I can't change you I can sympathize You took the easy route Manipulate and lied Nothing that you can't atone for now I look with loving eyes Your skull cracks on the ground
Our weapons are splintered and cracked They're garbage We're fighting with garbage So seige on, there's nothing but attack
You and I may find me weak But I cannot lay down and sleep I'm up at night just getting strong By realizing I was wrong When the light comes back again I know why now, But that was then I'm giving all I can to fix the bend Responsibilities in my hands It's easy to forget the plans And all the pieces clattered when we stand You and I may find me weak But I cannot lay down and sleep I'm up at night just getting strong By realizing I was wrong
What do you think you're a hunter? We live in the fucking suburbs I will not add you on snapchat I am not fucking concerned Can't we just look at the ocean? Forget there are troubles? My patience is miniscule Im gonna make the rules, I'll let you break the rules. I just want to look at the ocean Forget the world's troubles My patience is miniscule I want to make the rules I'll let you break the rules
Malchik 01:15
They're all inside their hearts But we're downstairs They try to pressure us but I don't care Cause I can't give a fuck No one can conquer that You'll never let me go And that I know as fact And now we're locked outside And it's the dead of night The fountain water's warm just loosen up your tie You'll never let me go And that I know as fact Are you okay with that?
Mood Ring 01:25
Your seduction Means nothing to me Just give me stars and bits and pieces of my humanity There's no give and take there's take and take and take And breaking people's hearts is no small mistake to me Be raw cause I'm raw I gave up and that's all But I'm here and I'm still fighting Despite what my fear says I won't give this up yet Believe that you're worth it And under the surface Passion, lovable Mixed emotion feel it all Romance and stress and cool Very happy and normal I'm your mood ring And I'm human heat me up and cool me down feelin nervous unsettled proud I'm your mood ring And I'm human and I feel it all
Time plays a slight of hand To pass us by. And the echoes of your hands Make me want to cry. Sometime the moment is the right time. To say goodbye. But I don't want to turn away this time. Asking for the strength to stand alone on the precipice. It's easier to shroud my eyes than to leave this bliss. If i could request your hand Is it too much I fell for me Not you There's still more out there for us
Navigation 01:22
I might love you and I'll never regret it I might love you and you'll never forget it When the trees are toppled down Roots ripped from the ground I'll come around again when you are free And i'll give you all you need The birds repeat after me Flowing echoes through the leaves I want your blood I want my teeth Hunting Crying Singing Meat But hold on Loves a game to rest your claws on
No Barriers 01:02
Nothing you can say will stop me now I was raised a stubborn kid by all accounts Im speeding down a slope The brakes are out And if I hit the wall I'll go to hell
Orderly 01:10
Who are you to tell me not to feel When I can feel the operations coded right into the status of my Own defenses Lowered There's that smile again But how can we know where we stand When we're doubting all of our commands? Isn't it funny? How we can feel the breeze There's no frame for us to reference but the ruins of their cities We are holding onto implements of violence But our hands keep trying to meet We could pick all of their flowers or just burn down all their trees
The Past 01:04
I have a deep dark fantasy That this doesn't matter That I could let it all slip through my fingers Like I don't care But I do care I want to let you wash off of me Slip from my skin Like you never made sparks in me Like you weren't there But you were there Now I know that I was immature Couldn't face you and I closed the door It's okay if I never loved you I should have looked you in the eye
Bruises 01:06
Tide to tide There's no remorse When I've stayed my course Despite the force Of the weather There's no one who can tame me The 7 seas may pull me in I'm drowning you've got quite the grip on me don't you don't you now I'm running treachery Save me won't you? Burning up my temperature is dangerous torture It's a good thing that my nerve endings Won't work
Opposition 00:52
Ultimatum 00:47


This is a compilation of years of heavy emotions good and bad captured into musical snippets that I am so excited to finally share


released May 14, 2021

Composition and production by Snortrax, art by Ryan Neal mxryguy and production by Jamie Wosk


all rights reserved



Snortrax California

Hi I'm Kota! I work on music, cosplay, and visual art in NorCal.

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