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Petrichor Curse

by Snortrax

Why were you, In the forest On that unholy night? 7 Hunters In the moonlight Magic is here Don't stop running Don't stop bursting through the trees Brisk air brings you to your knees Nobody needs to see Wildness flows Sorcery Has you trapped beneath the leaves You can feel your chattering teeth Wicked and glorious Metamorphosis
Old One 01:16
There's beauty In all the pieces You left me This knowledge Is splitting The theories We'll never be the same Quickly take it to the highest tower Quick before they find you and devour you Quickly or you'll miss their awesome power The tides; if they're eager can control the moon No one will believe you if you tell them Contain this madness in a formless rune Forgotton but the scholars and the old ones Would know Icarus was here and that he flew too soon
Hunger 01:36
If I extend my fingers I can grant your deepest wishes Turn corporeal the dreams to melt like snow on your eyelashes Whisper in the night time, by your bedside "It is alright" Distorting from your lips, the secrets dripping like your lifeline Drink them up and cast them to the fishes Nothing's greater than devouring your wishes Unlock the way, uncover all your deepest depths A human soul, delectable... so fragile and untenable.
G.O.N.E 03:14
It's too late I've already seen what you're taking away And all the conscious thought That's threatening to break It's no mistake what you've done Say it's nice While it lasted But i'd rather not have had it If it's going to change There's not a case to make I know what you'd say if you could say it ... to me Wash away Wash away on the beach Thank the water for the pieces that it takes But don't preach The water knows And we all just wait to see There's you and me There's the breath and the meat An antler and an organ You think it's prey and defeat And we all just wait to see It's human To wash away And no one will hear what you had to say There will be no legacy Carbon dating of an NFT Wash away The tangible ruins of society Hard boiled facts ringing dull and cheap Subscribe for the chance to rot naturally The receipt and the DNA and the TV G.O.N.E
I knew you for a minute I thought I knew you all my life I'm a dream drunk cowboy honey And you're a cowboy's vice From the moment I came over The words inside my heart had changed Shoot em up rough tough tumbler I pull the trigger -then I aim You're on every wanted poster There's no sheriff here tonight We can keep our lips sealed And skip town before the morning light If you won't tell them I won't tell them We'll take our secrets to the grave Hooves, hearts pounding We're surrounded Two stray bullets to our name We won't meet the undertaker Just the dust beneath our boots When the writings irrefutable You and death are the only truth


An evil is poisoning the water. It seeks to artificially elongate it's lifespan. It creates craters and leaves splinters in our hearts. Seek to destroy it. This rotten petrichor curse. Revel in humanity and thrive in deterioration. Sleep peaceful in your grave.


released November 11, 2022

Album art by Joanne Neal
Mastering by Jaime Wosk


all rights reserved



Snortrax California

Hi I'm Kota! I work on music, cosplay, and visual art in NorCal.

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